About me

Born in 1961, and almost delivered in a Triumph TR3A, I grew up and my childhood was always surrounded by art, music, design and - the more exotic kind of cars.
My mother, having been an artist herself, provided me with the best schooling and an environment that I could have dreamt of and a man who was later to become my stepfather was a little more than slightly "car-mad".
This ambience sparked my flame of enthusiasm about classic cars as I sat on the passenger seat of his Alfas, Jaguars, and other interesting "sculptures on wheels" whilst praying to grow quickly so to have the accelerator on my foot and the wheel in my hands.
My other passion was prevalent too, so I began to paint at the age of 4 and it was always the one particular subject that attracted me most, "CARS".
Later, when I studied art in Frankfurt, I began to develop my style more to an abstract and informal art, made my first exhibitions, however, I never lost sight of my love and attraction for classic cars.
So I was to begin to combine my deepest passions of creating art and classic cars painting the first artworks for "petrolhead-friends" and eventually came the first commissions.

I am here for you, creating very special, modern and customized artworks, inspired by your dream on wheels, its history, your story with it, powered by my artistic views on all of this combined and driven by the fuel that runs through my veins...

                                                                                                        Curd Achim Reich